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Rates: Rates are always negotiable - Please call to make arrangements prior to booking.


phone 818-505-1007 or fax 818-244-0446 - Email:


Payment Terms -

  1. All services and materials are C.O.D. unless prior credit arrangements are made

  2. Credit terms are Net 10 days from invoice date - Must have prior approval

  3. Any amount past due is subject to a finance charge of 2% per month on the unpaid balance plus any attorney's fees or collection costs if applicable

  4. All media including: Digital data - tapes and materials shall remain the property of the studio until the account balance has been paid in full

General Terms -

  1. Studio time begins from the time you “Book” the session - not when you show up. It is suggested that you be on time for your session as when we are busy we may have another session booked right after your session.

  2. We can offer up to 30 minutes for the set-up of your drums. Please make arrangements in advance.

  3. Regarding the day rate - If you book multiple days, we will not book any session between your sessions.

  4. Please inform the staff if you plan to photograph video your session as we need to make sure the other studios are clear for any pictures or video in the common areas. We are a very private studio that is aware and sensitive to any paparazzi activity. We pride ourselves on being a safe, creative space for those that need such a retreat.

  5. We also carry a strict “No Drugs” policy. If the engineer feels that you are under the influence of excessive drugs and/or alcohol, The engineer or studio manager reserves the right to cancel your session.

Cancellation or Rescheduling -

  1.       As we do not require a deposit for booking your session, please be respectful and notify us at least 24hrs prior to canceling or rescheduling your session.

  2. Cancellation or rescheduling of a booked session must occur within 48 hrs of the session or the client will be charged 50% of the time reserved. Any client canceling within 24 hrs of a booked session will be charged for the full amount of the time reserved.

Storage & Insurance -

  1.       We will exercise care and handling in the storage of all client properties, including hard drives left or stored on our premises. However we cannot assume any liability for loss or damage to any such properties and we recommend that the client secure appropriate insurance to cover the full value of any such properties. All hard drives left over 60 days will be subject to storage fees and relocation per client agreement negotiated at time of booking.

  1. All rates are always subject to negotiation at any time - Please ask about any current special!

  2. Sorry, but we have a strict NO PETS policy.

- Please don’t hesitate to ask about current discounts or specials that we may be running. 

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